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General Surgery
General Surgery

General Surgery


The Section of General Surgery at Al Zahra Medical Center, Dubai which is a part of Al Zahra Hospital, Al Barsha, Dubai has one of the most experienced groups of General surgeons/ Cancer surgeons in the United Arab Emirates. The staff members perform more than 1000 operations annually.

General surgeons/ Onco surgeons at Al Zahra Hospital in Dubai specialize in removing cancerous tumors and abdominal wall hernias and have special expertise in surgery of the breast, Thyroid, liver, pancreas, endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract, colon, lungs, rectum and vascular system. Surgeons provide modern, comprehensive care for routine problems and for critically ill patients. They are involved in clinical trials to help develop new therapies and procedures and advance the science of medicine.

Al Zahra surgeons offer a collaborative approach to patient care, working closely with colleagues in other surgical and medical specialties to find the best treatment approach for each patient.

Innovative Services and Special Programs

Minimally invasive surgery

Minimally invasive surgery:

Al Zahra surgeons have been at the forefront of using minimally invasive surgery. General surgeons at Al Zahra Hospital perform more than 500 of these procedures each year. Minimally invasive surgery (Laparoscopy/ Thoracoscopy) is a technique that has many advantages for patients.

Thyroid SurgeriesThyroid Surgeries:

State of the art thyroid and parathyroid surgery with intraoperative parathyroid hormone assay (rPTH), radio-nuclear localization, and Gamma probe utilization, intra operative ultrasound with a minimally invasive approach and outpatient / Daycare surgery using update international standards. These high standard difficult cases of thyroid & parathyroid diseases are discussed by high caliber THYROID TEAM including Endocrine Surgeons, Endocrinologists, Thoracic Surgeons, Nuclear Medicine Physicians, Pathologists, and Nutritionist, who meet on regular basis. 


minimally invasive radio guided parathyroidectomyMIRP

minimally invasive radio-guided parathyroidectomy. The surgical procedure to remove a parathyroid gland (called a parathyroidectomy) used to require an incision across the neck, general anesthesia and at least an overnight stay in a hospital. With new technology, removing an overactive parathyroid gland (adenoma) is quicker, less invasive and just as successful as the standard procedure.


Breast ClinicsBreast Cancer:

State of the art breast surgery with Oncoplastic reconstruction by the highly qualified team, Gamma probe/ blue dye utilization, intra operative ultrasound with a minimally invasive approach and outpatient/ Daycare surgery using update international protocols.

Difficult cases of breast diseases are consulted by our “BREAST TEAM” which includes Breast Surgeons, Breast Radiologist, Breast Interventional Radiologist, Breast Pathologist, Medical Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, Plastic Surgeon, Nuclear Medicine Physician, Supportive Team and Molecular Genetics Team, that meet regularly.

Plastic Surgery reconstruction, including Oncoplastic, implants, flaps whether rotation or free vascular flap, are integral part of our center.

Pancreas surgery:

Al Zahra Clinic in Dubai is one of the largest centers in the private sector in UAE for diagnosing and treating pancreatic diseases. Interventional Radiologist and Interventional Gastroenterologist are an integral part of our service in addition to American trained Pathologist and Cytologist to render it into a uniquely high standard advanced “HEPATOBILIARY PANCREATIC TEAM” available 24/7 at your service.

Anti-reflux surgery:

For patients whose chronic heartburn cannot be managed by medications or other therapies, a laparoscopic Nissan fundoplication offers relief.

Anorectal Surgery:

Anorectal disease pertains to those illnesses located in the anal and rectal portions of the large intestine. The most common diseases are:

  • Hemorrhoids

  • Anal Fissure

  • Anorectal Abscess

  • Anal Fistula


Hemorrhoids are large, saclike blood vessels similar to varicose veins located in and around the anus (the opening of the anal canal) and lower rectum (the portion of the large intestine just proximal to the anal canal).

Some contributing factors to hemorrhoids are aging, chronic constipation or diarrhea and pregnancy.

Most hemorrhoidal symptoms respond to non-surgical treatment such as increasing intake of dietary fiber and avoiding predisposing conditions such as constipation.

Surgical treatment is indicated for patients who continue to have severe bleeding, pain or protrusion despite good medical treatment. The most common surgical treatments for severe hemorrhoids are THD with Mucopexy (Transanal Hemorrhoidal Dearterialization) and Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy. The rubber band ligation procedure can be performed by a surgeon as an outpatient procedure.

Surgery to remove hemorrhoids -- the hemorrhoidectomy -- is the best method for permanent removal of hemorrhoids. This procedure is usually performed as an outpatient but may require hospitalization and a period of inactivity.

An Anal Fissure is a small tear in the lining of the anus which causes pain, bleeding and itching.

Anal Fissures:

Anal Fissures are frequently caused by hard, dry bowel movements, diarrhea, and inflammation in the anorectal area. Most fissures heal spontaneously or with non-surgical treatments such as medicated creams and topical ointments. When surgical treatment of fissures is required it can usually be performed without an overnight hospital stay. Surgical repair -- an internal sphincterotomy -- consists of a small operation to relieve the underlying muscle spasm which contributes to the fissure.

In most cases, the pain disappears after a few days and complete healing occurs in a few weeks.

Anorectal Abscess:

An Anorectal Abscess is an infected cavity filled with pus found near the anus (the opening of the anal canal) or rectum (the portion of large intestine just proximal to the anal canal). The abscess results when bacteria or fecal matter enters the tissue outside the anal through infected anal glands from within the anal canal.

Anal Fistula:

An Anal Fistula is a small, abnormal tunnel connecting the anal glands from which abscesses originate to the skin of the buttocks outside the anus. Inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn's disease and colitis increase the likelihood of anal abscesses and fistulas.

Symptoms of both ailments include constant pain, skin irritation around the anus, pus drainage, fever, and swelling.

An anal abscess is treated by surgically draining pus from the infected cavity and making an opening in the skin near the anus to relieve pressure. This procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis. Fistulotomy -- surgical treatment to cure an anal fistula -- can be performed on an outpatient basis as well or with a short hospital stay. 

At Al Zahra Hospital, our experienced general surgeons specialize in major and minor surgical services, including procedures of the abdomen, Chest, digestive tract, endocrine system, breasts, skin and blood vessels.

Our expert general surgeons perform a wide array of surgical procedures, including:

  • Adrenalectomy
  • Appendectomy
  • Bariatric/weight loss
  • Bile duct surgery
  • Breast surgery
  • Cholecystectomy
  • Colectomy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Diverticular disease treatment procedures
  • Esophagus disorder treatments
  • Fissure treatments
  • Fistula treatment
  • Gallbladder and gallstone disease procedures
  • Gastrointestinal procedures
  • Hemorrhoid treatments
  • Hernia treatments
  • Large and small intestine procedures
  • Liver procedures
  • Pancreas procedures
  • Rectal bleeding tests and treatments
  • Spleen procedures
  • Stomach procedures
  • Salivary gland procedures like parotidectomy.
  • Thyroid and Parathyroid surgeries
  • Chest/lung procedures
  • Cancer surgeries
  • Varicose veins procedures
  • Anal and rectal disease, including hemorrhoids, polyps, and fissures
  • Colon and rectal cancer
  • Diverticulitis and diverticular disease
  • Inflammatory bowel disease, including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis

General Surgery doctors