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Our consultant endocrinologists & diabetologists manage & diagnose all aspects of endocrine diseases such as:

  • Diabetes, thyroid, adrenal, & pituitary glands.
  • Male and female hormonal disorders.
  • Metabolic disorders including obesity and lipid disorders.

At Al Zahra Medical Center we have established our diabetes center recently to cater to the needs of diabetic patients & the population living and working in Dubai. Beside our regular clinics, we provide

  • Diabetes education through publishing educational leaflets, and professional diabetes educator who helps patients to cope with diabetes, and manage their daily activities.
  • Dieticians; who assist patients in regulating and monitoring their diet, and teach them to live a healthy life with diabetes.
  • Insulin pump management and training is done.
  • Glucose monitoring (CGMS)

We offer various diabetes packages for routine and annual check-ups carefully designed to suit each patient’s need and health. Daily clinics are held in Dubai.

Endocrinology doctors